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Life style assessment

(Initial consult)

To optimize care, we take the time to understand your physiological, biochemical and lifestyle profile. We also want to know who you are as a person, what your expectations are and how we can make it happen. 


This is otherwise known as your initial consultation. This is where we established health goals and expectations. In order to understand your health picture, an in-depth intake will be taken. Information regarding your current and past health conditions is valuable and essential for putting the pieces together. During your initial consultation, a complete physical exam will be conducted and lab work will most likely be requested. 


With that said, we also want to understand you as the individual outside of your diagnosis. 

Initial consultation: 60-90 minutes 


Price: $400.00


Diagnosis and plan

(second visit and follow up)

Diagnosis can be intimidating. We walk you through the process by educating you on treatment options.  

Lab work and diagnostic testing are important tools to understand what is occurring on a biochemical and physical level. Once received, the results will be reviewed and explained to best understand the underlying health concern. It is during the second appointment where you will be provided with a health plan.  

Follow up visits after this will be consisting of checking up on health status, addressing questions, and modifying treatment. 

Follow up visit: 30-45 minutes 

Price: $100.00

Tailored formulation

We have an in house medicinal compounding laboratory where individualized supplements, creams, and IV treatments are provided. We believe that every patient deserves tailor-made nutrient therapy. 

At the Mohrdar Institute, we understand the importance of seeing each patient as an individual. When it comes to medicine, one size does not always fit all. In order to provide personalized health care, we have a unique ability to produce our own customized remedies. Each product is formulated to address health concerns specific to each patients health concerns. Products are formulated and produced in house by Dr. Roxana Mohrdar and Dr. Arash Mohrdar. 

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