The Mohrdar Institute is a family owned clinic established in 1990.  Dr. Roxana Mohrdar and her father, Dr. Arash Mohrdar provide an alternative health care option for patients. Combining Naturopathic and Chiropractic perspectives, the Mohrdar Institute is able to provide a unique approach to your health journey. With an onsite compounding medicinal laboratory, each patient has access to individualized supplementation and remedies.

concierge medicine 

The Mohrdar Institute is now providing the option of receiving consults and treatments from the comfort and privacy of your home. This options is optimal for those who require a more well-rounded health plan or those with transportation limitations.

For a detailed health plan, we spend at least an hour with you understanding your health issues and lifestyle choices. This allows for a holistic approach to a well-rounded plan. Often times with traditional appointments, the specificity of dietary recommendations are not addressed, being able to visit a patients home allows for a thorough examination of dietary and lifestyle habits. If traditional health care models are not a suitable option for you, concierge medicine may be worth exploring.  


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Roxana Mohrdar N.D

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